AL Courthouse Systems: Helpful Hints 

Several counties in Alabama use the Ingenuity software platform. As with all software, there are nuances when using it. Mark Murphy has set out some tips for using the Ingenuity system for title searches.

Ingenuity doesn’t check its names against names existing in its database, so be careful of typos in the system. Errors like “Simth” are almost impossible to check. If having trouble in finding information, search the other names without the last name, particularly if unusual, as Ingenuity does not require the last name to search.

After a broad search under the name Murphy, I retrieved a huge number of results. However, it is easy to use the “index filter function” to sort the names and select the name or names that you are searching. This allows the searcher to not only select for both marriage partners simultaneously, using all the variations in signatures but show the results in order of recording.

After filtering the results, I like to print a copy of the resulting information when there are a large number of entries by first clicking on the icon in the upper right corner of the display. You not only catch typos or odd name variations but by printing out a large number of entries, you can be interrupted in your search and go back to your information, without missing an entry.

If not interrupted, notice that the color of the “View” symbol changes to reflect that you have opened and viewed an entry. This goes back to the standard view if you have to go back to the search after an interruption.

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