Madison County Probate Court Launches New Online Tool – Property Notification System

The Probate Court of Madison County is pleased to launch a new online tool that allows us to better serve, protect, and inform real property owners in our community. A significant increase of fraudulent real estate transactions in surrounding states and isolated cases in North Alabama has caused valid concern. This activity most commonly involves an improperly conveyed deed on an unoccupied or seasonal home and on unimproved or vacant land. Through input with our partners in the legal, real estate, and banking community, the Probate Court and Tax Assessor have developed a notification system that any real property owner in Madison County can subscribe to at no cost.

This new Property Notification System is designed to alert a real property owner via email if a deed is filed in the Madison County Probate Office that changes the listed owner’s name in Probate Court and Tax Assessor records. “This is just one more way the Probate Court has improved the way we serve and protect the residents of Madison County” said Judge Frank Barger. “Our team takes great pride in being responsive to the needs of those we serve and constantly improving to meet demands of the environment in which we conduct business.” Availability of this service would not be possible without a strong partnership and good working relationship with Tax Assessor Cliff Mann. The Probate Court is grateful for the Tax Assessor’s participation and support of this project.

Property owners may register ONLINE or click on the blue “property notification” link when reviewing your tax assessment record on our website.

For questions related to the Property Notification System, please contact Meghan Gomez or Harrison Lindsey in the Probate Court Office at 256-532-3330 or via email to

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